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The trailed crop protection sprayer Milan

Agrifac is proud to be able to offer farmers and agricultural contractors the most innovative trailed crop protection sprayer in the world, the Agrifac Milan. The Milan provides highest comfort and an perfect spraying result and so the optimal protection for your crops. The only trailed sprayer on the market with technology of self-propelled sprayers.

Like at all other Agrifac machines for the trailed crop protection sprayer Milan two major principles were followed consequently. The “4e for growers” concept and the principle “Brilliant Simple”. These principles describe best, how Agrifac works on the challange to satisfy the worlds growing demand for food.

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Every Drop Hits the Right Spot

Every drop arrives in the right moment, in the right size exactly there where it is needed, that is the only way to get an optimal crop protection result and that is the way how Agrifac defines spraying quality.

Spraying quality is depending on different factors. A stable spray boom and constant pressure in the spraying system are necessary. Agrifac developed systems to make this possible, this systems i.e. the clever designed spraying system GreenFlowPlus are included in the Milan and ensure an optimal spraying result. Agrifac continues to develop new systems for even better spraying results and is working to improve the existing systems.

Optimal Crop Protection – With the Trailed Crop Protection Sprayer Milan

GreenflowPlus – no rest liquids, optimal protection

The unique Agrifac spraying system GreenFlowPlus ensures, in combination with the spraying nozzles and the pneumatic controlled pressure regulator, for the permanent circulation of the spraying liquid in the whole spraying system. This makes it possible to start spraying every time and it takes care that no rest liquids remain in the tank, this helps to save chemicals, what decreases cost and benefits the environment.

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Stable and balanced, the aluminum spray boom of the Milan

The stable aluminum spray boom is equipped with an anti-oscillation system which holds the spray boom in perfect balance and supports an optimal spraying result in this way. Besides to that, the nozzles are completely protected over the full length of the boom, to prevent damages. For transportation the boom is compactly foldable, this reduces the transportation width and makes the transport more comfortable.

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Efficient and Easy to Operate

EcoTronicPlus – Ease of operation and full control

The Milan is equipped with the proven EcoTronicPlus system, this makes the operation of the machine very easy. Important Information and key indicators are delivered during work on the big Touch Screen to the operator.

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State-of-the-Art – Many other technical highlights as standard

The Milan is equipped with many technical highlights from modern crop protection technique as standard and is state-of-the-art. Some of the features are

  • a high performance pump
  • an effective induction hopper for fast, safe and comfortable filling
  • a stable chassis with infinitely adjustable track width
  • as well as axle and drawbar suspension for high driving comfort
  • and much more.

Достатъчно количество, питателна и безопасна храна

  • Всяка капка попада на правилното място благодарение на функциите GreenFlowPlus, A-Boom, HighTechAirPlus
  • Брилянтно просто управление с EcoTronicPlus
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Agrifac Milan

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