Agrifac - Exxact defoliating

A defoliator that suits every demand

A correctly adjusted defoliator is the first step towards a perfect topping and harvesting performance. The defoliator is equipped with steel flails for a longer lifetime. 

Integral defoliator

With the integral defoliator the beet leafs are spread over the full width of the machine and are covered with soil. The depth wheels between the rows make sure that the defoliator always works at the correct height. These wheels also press the leaves into the soil to avoid any disturbance to the lifters and preventing the leaves from getting into the cleaning process. 

Defoliator with side leaves spreader

The standard defoliator transports the leaves with an auger to the left-hand side of the machine. The leaf spreading disc then spreads the leaves across the field. The ideal solution for fields with large amounts of leaves and weeds.

Точното отделяне на листната маса води до подхранване на почвата и подготовя културата по изискан начин за предстоящото й прибиране

  • Липса на наранявания при културата, оптимално количество и без загуба на захарност
  • Грижовно отделяне на листната маса и оптималното й разпределение
  • Автоматичен контрол на работната височина за оптимално отделяне на листната маса
Запитване за брошура


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